Masters in Communication (MComn)


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Masters in Communication

The Masters in Communication [formerly Master of Social Science in Media Studies and Journalism] is the key to harness knowledge and leadership. It brings together people with common interests and pursuits, who combine the knowledge in their various fields to produce a new idea, mindset, process and/or innovation. The programme has a well thought of curriculum where communication is central to producing knowledge and leadership. This graduate programme seeks to produce leaders of professions that extensively utilize communication and leaders who are capable of contributing new knowledge in their spheres. The strength of the program is having communication at its core. Undeniably, communication impels knowledge and leadership. The programme is tailored to actualize Bangladesh’s needs to develop its knowledge and leaders to continue its ascent as Asia’s next success story.

Mission Statement

We are a department under the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) devoted to Media, Journalism and Communication Studies. We believe in a progressive and continuing educational approach that is personalized, interdisciplinary, technologically updated and centered on active learning.

We uphold a curriculum that is flexible, relevant to industry and balanced in terms of theory and practice- a curriculum that is grounded in both global and local contexts. We are aware of our role as translators of knowledge, creators of leaders and drivers of change. As such, scholarship always underpins our educational approach. We are committed to producing professionals who are skilled, creative, knowledgeable, open minded and analytical in thinking. We strive to instill in our students ethics and a lifelong love for learning.

Goal Statement

To continuously produce leaders of professions extensively utilizing communication who are capable of creating and contributing new knowledge needed by the information societies of South Asia.

Program Length

It is a 54 credit research-based graduate programme that students will normally complete within a period of two years from the date of their admission. The time limit may be extended up to seven years. Under certain circumstances, the time limit may be extended upon request to the Head of Department.

Course Load

Minimum nine credits (or three courses); maximum twelve credits (or four courses) per semester. Permission of the MComn Programme Office is required to get maximum load.

Uniqueness of the Programme

  • Research through an Integrated Approach. Since it is a research-based program, students need to produce a thesis as a partial fulfillment of the course. To ensure quality theses, the curriculum allows students to work on their research projects from their first semester.
  • Centrality of Communication in Management. With its aim to develop leaders, the curriculum offers several courses that enhance skills in communication-intensive situations.
  • Interface with ULAB’s MBA Program. The program utilizes the vast resources and experiences of ULAB’s Masters of Business Administration Program.
  • Special Courses in Media Management. The curriculum offers courses in special areas of media management – Publication Management, New Media and Management, International Communication and Visual Communication.
  • Bias towards Case Teaching Method. The programme uses extensively the case teaching method where students are exposed to (real or make believe) problems or situations in relevant occupational areas. Students need to elaborate on the case and provide a solution to the problem.


Knowledge Courses (8 Courses/24 Credits)

MSJ 11511  Communication Research
MSJ 11521 Communications Theories
MSJ 11523 Knowledge Creation and Management
MSJ 11531  Research Methodology
MSJ 11611  Thesis Proposal Preparation
MSJ 11631 Thesis Writing 1
MSJ 11632 Thesis Writing 2
MSJ 11633 Thesis Writing 3

Communication Management Courses (8 Courses/24 Credits)

MSJ 11512 Strategic Communication

MSJ 11519 Integrated Marketing Communication

MSJ 11522 Public Relations Quality Management

MSJ 11532 Conflict Management and Resolution

MSJ 11533 Issues and Crisis Management

MSJ 11612 New Media and Management

MSJ 11621 Communication Policy-making & Planning

MSJ 11622 Communication Campaigns

Elective Courses (2 courses/6 credits)
Students of MComn program are required to select 2 courses from MComn Electives and/or MBA Functional Core Courses listed below:

MComn Elective Courses

MSJ 11601 Broadcast Management

MSJ 11602 Publication Management

MSJ 11603 International Communication

MSJ 11604 Seminar in Visual Communication

MSJ 11605 Seminar in Screenwriting

MSJ 11606 Seminar in Film Management

MSJ 11607 Seminar in Filmmaking

MBA Functional Core Courses for Elective

MBA 501 Human Resource Management
MBA 502 Marketing Management
MBA 503 Business in the Global Environment
MBA 504 Financial Management
MBA 505 Operations Management

Masters in Communication (MComn) Faculty

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.