MSJ celebrates first-ever Apprenticeship Day

MSJ celebrates first-ever Apprenticeship Day

Professor Dr Jude William Genilo, head of MSJ, delivering welcome speech.


Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) department of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), which is well-known for strong co-curricular activities far and wide, organized first-ever Apprenticeship Day at Campus A Auditorium on February 14. MSJ offers different apprenticeship programs covering the fields of film, photography, journalism (print, electronic and online), public relations and animation. The objectives of the programs are to boost the department’s peer teaching methodology, to create core student groups that can assist the department in its conduct of internal and external activities, and to develop advanced skills of students passionate in particular media forms and channels.

Marking the occasion, different apprenticeship programs — The ULABian, Radio CampBuzz, CinemaScope, ULAB TV, PR4U, ShutterBugs, and ULAB Animation Studio — came up with unique presentations one by one to attract newcomers. Professor Dr Jude William Genilo, head of MSJ, delivered the welcome speech. Underscoring the importance of apprenticeship programs, Dr Jude said apprenticeship programs serve as a bridge between studies and profession. The members of each apprenticeship program shared their personal stories about how their respective programs had helped them overcome their insecurities and shape their way of life.

Important segments and details of the programs were interestingly woven into witty and humorous skits. Interactive and fun games like “Correct the Spellings” by The ULABian and “Pashe Boshar Golpo” by Radio CampBuzz uplifted the mood of the audience. Amazing production works by ULAB TV, the first campus-based television station, and “Is it GOOD to run away?”, a short film produced by CinemaScope, were showcased in the event. Awareness PSA videos produced by PR4U and heartwarming animation videos by ULAB Animation Studio were also screened for the audience. ShutterBugs, the photography apprenticeship program, also came up with their best works to entice the audience.

ULAB’s very own public relations-based apprenticeship program PR4U arranged the entire event hosted by its member Zerin Tasnim Tahsin. After the induction segment, Abu Tayub Mohammed Farhad, lecturer of MSJ and Advisor to PR4U, gave his vote of thanks and congratulated all the programs for their hard work and achievements. As the day was Valentine’s Day, a special segment was kept to entertain the spectators. A surprise announcement of winners for “best-dressed” on Valentine’s Day theme was made, much to the delight of the audience. Later, ULAB very own band “Chalk and Cheese” along with Lecturer Wafi Aziz Sattar filled the auditorium with mirth and excitement with melodious tunes and strings. The fun-filled event came to a close at 1:00pm, giving the freshman students a handful of choices to make among various apprenticeship programs that MSJ prides upon.

A student receiving a flower from Dr Jude as a gift for wearing best dress on Valentine’s Day.


A view of the audience consisting of faculty members and students.

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