Course Catalogue of MComn

Course Catalogue of MComn

Knowledge Courses

MSJ 11511 Communication Research

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of research with emphasis on practices in the field of communication. This course is designed to help students conceptualize their research topic. Students will learn how to write chapter one of their thesis which may include introduction, background, rationale, objectives, hypothesis, statement of the problem, scope and delimitation, importance/significance, and definition of the terms.

MSJ 11521 Communications Theories

The course tackles the more common and popular communication theories in the field. It also provides a taxonomy or classification of communication theories and concepts. Under this course, students will learn how to appreciate, search and write review of related studies/literature. Moreover, they will learn how to develop a study framework. Under this course, students will learn how to appreciate, search and write review of related studies/literature. Moreover, they will learn how to develop a study framework. This course is designed to make students capable of writing chapters 2 and 3 of their thesis.

MSJ 11523 Knowledge Creation and Management

The course focuses on the ways of gathering, organizing, refining, and disseminating knowledge. Students will learn the types of knowledge and realize the significance of knowledge management and organizational learning given the rise of knowledge driven economies. Students are expected to investigate how knowledge is created and managed.

MSJ 11531 Research Methodology

The course examines the logic behind the quantitative and qualitative methods researchers use in solving research problems. The course will cover the following: research design, sources of data, instrumentation, sampling and data collection and tools for data analysis. Students are required to complete chapter 4 of their thesis by the end of the course.

MSJ 11611 Thesis Proposal Preparation

This course is designed to integrate the knowledge and skills learned Preparation from previous research courses: Communication Research (chapter 1), Communication Theories (chapter 2/3) and Research Methodology (chapter 4). Students are expected to put together a research proposal under his/her supervisor. They will present their proposal before a panel of scholars and/or professionals.

MSJ 11631, 11632 & 11633 Thesis Writing 1, 2 & 3

These courses include a systematic investigation of a defined research questions and results in a piece of original research presented by the means of thesis and production project. The thesis/production will be presented before a panel of scholars and/or professionals.

Communication Management Courses

MSJ 11512 Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is defined as the systematic planning and realization of information flow, media development and image management in the long term. It provides the critical link between stakeholders and organizations. The course investigates what works, what doesn’t and why vis-a-vis strategic communication. Students will analyze cases and appreciate the importance of communication appropriate in reaching an organization’s long term goals.

MSJ 11519 Integrated Marketing Communication

The course discusses marketing communication tools utilized for selling products or services of a company. Due to a more competitive business situation, marketing communication tools have taken shape in terms of developing corporate image, reputation and brand. Students will analyze and critique IMC strategies in Bangladeshi organizations.

MSJ 11522 Public Relations Quality Management

Public relations quality management may be defined as the totality of features and characteristics of public relations services that bear on their ability to satisfy stated or implied needs in accordance with accepted professional standards. This course will focus on how to ensure quality in public relations services such as community relations, stockholder relations, labor relations, employee relations, etc. Students are required to analyze and critique quality in public relation services.

MSJ 11532 Conflict Management and Resolution

This course offers students an introduction to the nature of conflict from where/how/why it emerges and the means to manage conflict. Students will learn the methods of conflict resolution and nonviolent change at various levels. They will come to learn the techniques of negotiation, mediation and advocacy.

MSJ 11533 Issues and Crisis Management

Strategic issues and crisis management is one of the key areas of public relations research and practice. It relates directly to crisis management, issues management, reputation management, image restoration and change management. It refers directly to the operation of management and the whole operation of modern organizations. In this course, students will investigate the theory and practice of issues and crisis management. Student will be required to monitor an issue and/or crisis to prepare and appropriate communication plan.

MSJ 11612 New Media and Management

This course introduces students to the concept of digital culture. The influence of the new media technologies based on the digital encoding of information is pervasive. It touches upon virtually every aspect of modern life, in virtually all cultures. In order to understand the phenomenon, student will be introduced to medium based theory, which provides both the context for understanding as well the critical methods required and is derived from the work of theorists such as Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan. On the conclusion of the course, students will have a greater appreciation of the information revolution as it relates to Bangladeshi organizations.

MSJ 11621 Communication Policy-making & Planning

This course is designed to make students capable of writing a communication policy brief. They will learn about the key ingredients of an effective policy brief: evidence, policy context, and engagement. Students will learn how to design persuasive messages and understand why a policy brief works as an effective communication tool.

MSJ 11622 Communication Campaigns

Communication campaigns affect us every day. Whether in public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communication, health communication or political campaigns; and whether they promote products, behaviors or ideas, all well-planned campaigns have objectives and goals. In this course, students will sharpen their perspectives on campaign goals from two perspectives: that of campaign planners and that of critical consumers of campaign information.

MComn Elective Courses

MSJ 11601 Broadcast Management

In a very competitive electronic media industry, a manager has a vital role to play in ensuring success. The course will focus on the tasks faced by a broadcast manager which include: program/production management; quality control; managing people, training evaluation; broadcast skills development; managing the budget; audience research; use of advanced technologies and planning. Students will also be introduced to the media landscape with regards to globalization, media law, new technologies and solutions to meet the challenges.

MSJ 11602 Publication Management

This course will provide students sufficient knowledge of how to run/manage a publication business efficiently. The main focus will be on how a manager of publication designs his workload to upgrade performance of the company. In so doing, the course will explore the following topics: creation of technical documents; coordinating supervising the teams of writers, editors, illustrators; developing organizational style guides; controlling the budget; negotiating with the vendors and other related topics.

MSJ 11603 International Communication

The means of communication are increasingly organized, distributed and consumed on a global basis. This course examines closely the conditions of the globalized media, comparing and contrasting genres, modes of news presentations, popular music industries and patterns of consumption. These will have implications on how local organizations undertake strategic communication and integrated marketing communication.

MSJ 11604 Seminar in Visual Communication

This course explores the anthropology and sociology of the “image.” It demonstrates how images are used to construct and disseminate meanings in all societies for many purposes ranging from the religious, the political and the commercial reasons. A particular emphasis will be placed on the use of images for symbolic purposes, how they are perceived, circulated ‘B’ and decoded. Attention will also be paid to fleas such as installations, makeup and costumes.

MSJ 11605 Seminar in Screenwriting

This course discusses the process of developing a story for fiction. Students will learn about story elements and the art and craft of translating an idea into a final script. A worldwide recognized structure of film story will be discussed. The course will also focus on the principles of modern dramaturgy.

MSJ 11606 Seminar in Film Management

This course focuses on defining the various roles of producing, as well as an overview of the production infrastructure as it relates to the industry. Film Management will also focus on the preproduction process; students will learn how to plan and prepare for a shoot, including brainstorming and creative development, casting, assembling crew positions, and location scouting. Film business and strategy planning for public screening is another focus for this course.

MSJ 11607 Seminar in Filmmaking

This course is designed to give the students an introduction to the filmmaking process. Hence, on this filmmaking course, with our Film making seminar classes students will receive a comprehensive introduction to the technical aspects of film equipment and processes. It is expected that hints, tips and practical applications of the key physical and aesthetical aspects of filmmaking will equip the students with confidence and knowledge. It will help them to be a problem solver in the film making process. Also students will learn the techniques to lead a team.

MBA Functional Core Courses for Electives

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