Apprenticeship Day Spring 2021 was celebrated by The Department of Media Studies and Journalism

Apprenticeship Day Spring 2021 was celebrated by The Department of Media Studies and Journalism

The Department of Media Studies and Journalism, ULAB organized the Apprenticeship Day Program, on March 12, 2021, on a digital platform, called Zoom.

Every semester, the MSJ department celebrates the Apprenticeship Day that enables students to showcase the creative works they have completed in the previous semester as a part of their extracurricular activities.

The event commenced with the host greeting the students, the advisors, and the faculty members. Afterward, the Head of the Media Studies and Journalism department, Professor Jude William Genilo, inaugurated the event with a brief speech. While underscoring the importance of the Apprenticeship Program, Professor Genilo said, “The Apprenticeship Day illustrates the department’s commitment to developing our students to meet the demands of the profession. We are mindful of your trust that you have placed in us for your education which is considered the key to your future job, career, and quality of life. For this reason, we have adopted a market-centric, and technology-driven approach; a belief that students are the focus of education, and that learning is a lifelong conviction, and that universities must produce graduates who create an impact in the profession and society.”

Professor Jude William Genilo giving the welcome speech


Following the inspiring speech from the Head of the Department, the host presented a short overview of the MSJ Apprenticeship Program in which the purpose of the Apprenticeship Day Program was highlighted. Additionally, a presentation was shown introducing the advisors and instructors to the audience.

After the introductions, Ulabian, Radio Camp Buzz, CinemaScope, ULABTV, PR4U, Animation Studio, DIMFF, and ShutterBugs each screened respective videos demonstrating their programs’ features, activities, and accomplishments. The ULABian made a short video demonstrating the current state of print media, Radio Camp Buzz showed a fun video of how their members work, Cinemascope displayed snippets of films they have produced, ULAB TV presented how their television station functions, and PR4U exhibited a PSA and a montage of the previous events they have arranged. While Animation Studio presented animation videos made by them, DIMFF showcased a brief video featuring their activities and some short interviews and Shutterbugs displayed a video highlighting their Photo Walk.

Presentation from the Apprenticeship Program ULAB Animation Studio


Subsequently, the names of the award winners from different apprenticeship programmes of Fall 2020 were announced. The host then congratulated the winners for their outstanding achievements.

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