Internship & Portfolio

Internship & Portfolio

Internship (2 courses / 6 credits)

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Internship or Project (Internship Portion)

Internship or Project (Portfolio Portion)



All students studying at the MSJ Department will undertake an internship in an area of media or communication that interests them. By their final semester of study, students are required to seek out a suitable organisation for an internship to appreciate and experience the dynamics of working in a real organisation. These may be unpaid or occasionally paid, depending on the employer. The duration of the internship is usually from 8 to 12 weeks. Students are expected to work during the employer’s requested hours. This is to be negotiated between the host institution and the students.

Suitable employers include any reputable organisation in a field related to the student’s course of study at ULAB. The student internship advisor will approve the suitability of the host institution for the student. Then, a recommendation letter will be given by the Career Services Centre to the student as a potential candidate for the host institution. The student is expected to write a report detailing their internship and any lessons learned from it. This report will be presented before a panel of ULAB examiners and will be graded.

ULAB students are expected to take the internship as seriously as they would take any other job and conduct themselves in a mature manner. They are expected to be able to work both independently and in a team and be flexible, proactive, and enthusiastic.

Internship Manual



Filmmaking Project

Instead of an internship, students may opt for a film-making project. A maximum of four students can work on the same project fulfilling one major role – Script, Cinematography, Editing, or Direction. Students have to make a 15 to 25 minutes of fictional story or documentary. Each student is expected to prepare their production book detailing their project and any lessons learned from it. This production book along with the film will be presented before a panel of ULAB examiners and will be graded.

Film Project Guidelines


Study Tour and Project Internship

ULAB MSJ organises a two-week (or more) media and communications course with a foreign institution in Bangkok, Thailand, Delhi, India, and Moscow, Russian Federation. The programme is then integrated with the internship programme. It is divided into two phases which are as follows:

The first phase of the internship will take place abroad and will last at least two weeks. Students will need to go through a series of Academic, Experiential, and Cultural Programmes. For example, students may need to visit an international press club, they might have to visit museums, various historical sites, and submit reports on them. They may also have to do projects and provide a presentation on their projects towards the end of the first phase of the programme.

The second phase of the internship will begin once the students return to the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh on return. Students will have to sign for their regular courses for the said term and also continue the second phase of the internship. Most of the activities in the second phase will be directly related to the two-week course work abroad. In return, students will have to conduct a seminar or a workshop and contribute to all three apprenticeship programmes – The ULABian, ULAB TV, and Radio Campbuzz. Finally, they will have to produce an Internship Report and present his/her work during the Internship Presentation at the end of the term. The interns will have to complete the above activities during the said term in ULAB.

Study Tour and Project Manual


Research Project

The Research Project Internship takes advantage of the Masters in Communication (MComn). MSJ students need to make a decision on undertaking research in lieu of a workplace internship at the end of their 11th semester. The student is required to produce the first two chapters (Introduction and Study Framework) of a research project.  This will be presented and defended before a panel.

Thesis Manual



All students studying at the MSJ Department must create a portfolio over the course of their study. By their final semester of study, students are required to have a file that will showcase the key projects of certain courses that they had taken during their undergraduate study.

A student portfolio is a compilation of academic work and other forms of educational evidence assembled for the purpose of (1) evaluating coursework quality, learning progress, and academic achievement; (2) determining whether students have met learning standards or other academic requirements for courses and graduation; (3) helping students reflect on their academic goals and progress as learners; and (4) creating a lasting archive of academic work products, accomplishments, and other documentation.

Portfolio Manual


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