UNICEF-UGC Proposed C4D Curriculum

UNICEF-UGC Proposed C4D Curriculum

Module 3 readings

Unit 1 Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation

Unit 2 Situation Assessment

Unit 3 Conceptual Models

Unit 4 Theory of Change

Unit 5 Goals and Objectives

Unit 6 Results and Indicators

Unit 7 Monitoring

Unit 8 Evaluating for Effectiveness

Module 5 Readings

Unit 1 Categories of Behaviour

Unit 2 Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)

Unit 3 Social Change Communication (SCC)

Unit 4 Social Mobilisation (SM)

Unit 5 Advocacy

Unit 6 Communication Strategies and Channels

Unit 7 Entertainment Education

Unit 8 Social Marketing

Unit 1 Overview of the field of environmental communication

Unit 2 Environmental communication and campaigns

Unit 3 Community, Public Participation and Environmental Issues

Unit 4 Environment and the News Media

Unit 5 Emergency and Disaster Communication

Unit 1 Introduction to Health Communication

Unit 2 Frameworks and Models

Unit 3 Health Communication Theories

Unit 4 Strategic Design in Health Communication

Unit 5 Health Communication Evaluation

Unit 6a Strategic Approaches–Interpersonal Communication and Counselling

Unit 6b Strategic Approaches–Community

Unit 6c Strategic Approaches–Mass Media

Unit 6d Strategic Approaches–ICTs and mHealth

Module 1 Introduction to C4D [Download as ZIP]

Module 2 C4D Theories and Application [Download as ZIP]

Module 3 C4D Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation [Download as ZIP]

Module 4 Participatory Research [Download as ZIP]

Module 5 Communication Approaches [Download as ZIP]

Module 6 ICTs for Development [Download as ZIP]

Module 7 Environmental Communication [Download as ZIP]

Module 8 Health Communication [Download as ZIP]

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